Today we have the opportunity to chat with Cape Town-based fine art photographer Francoise V who shares a passion for Africa, captured in beautiful photographic prints that speak to the soul…

Can you begin by telling us a bit about yourself and your journey into Photography?

It all started when I was a young girl, growing up in Botswana appreciating nature and the simple beauty that surrounded me. My love for photography came at a young age when I held a camera in my hands for the first time. My neighbours had a beautiful old broken camera that they allowed me to play with. When they left Botswana they gave it to me as a gift – little did they know, that was my first spark of love for photography. The camera didn’t work, but looking through the frame was the seed to my vision…it determined what I looked at and what I saw when I did. 

While growing up I started taking pictures and documenting my life, the people I loved and nature. I left Africa to travel and see the world. Through documenting my travels and the unique people I met along the way, I soon discovered that photography was my TRUE PASSION. Eagerly, I taught myself as much of the craft as I could along the way. I returned to Africa after travelling for 5 years, where I studied photography and learnt the craft that would help me to express my vision. I started working as a full-time freelance photographer while building my fine art portfolio and feeding my love for art. I surrounded myself with inspiration and eagerly learnt new techniques to apply to my vision. Since then I opened my own gallery which gave me wonderful exposure. After 7 years I closed my physical gallery and went completely online, so I could have more time to be creative. I now sell my prints worldwide and travel as much as possible.

Another Day In Africa | INTO AFRICA SERIES

Can you tell us about a couple of your favourite photographs?

Haha, honestly it’s hard to pick my favourite photographs as they all have such beautiful memories and meaning to me. But if I am to think hard about it I can pin it down to three.

‘Another Day In Africa’ has to be one of them as I had not been able to travel to the bush for a while and I was missing it so much. I then found myself on an adventure through the Serengeti in Tanzania, and upon my arrival, I hopped onto the back of a Landcruiser and with the warm African breeze blowing through my hair and the scent of the bush I felt like I had arrived home. At that moment I saw these elephants in the distance and snapped the shot. It was the first image I took on this trip and it completely depicts the essence of what I was feeling at that moment having another day in Africa.

The next would have to be ‘Nguni Portrait #1’. I was drawn to these beautiful multi-coloured cattle as a young girl. Having spent a lot of time on our family farm in the Drakensberg mountains, I would watch these beautiful creatures in awe while they grazed along the rolling hills of Natal. What attracts me to Nguni’s is the strength in their stance and posture, as well as their earthy colours and patterns that are undeniably African.

‘Embrace‘ is one that warms my heart. Elephants touch each other’s mouths with their trunks to offer comfort and care to one another. While visiting the wonderful Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi Kenya, I got to witness this moment between two orphaned calves. A heart shape was created by their heads touching while offering each other a warm embrace. To this day, this is one of my favourite images, it encapsulates the essence of love between elephants (my favourite animal) and the strong bonds they form. What extraordinary creatures they are, and we are so fortunate to experience them.

What has always intrigued me, is that the deeper an image has meant to me, the more of a best seller it becomes. It’s almost as if the viewer feels something they can’t quite explain and they feel more moved by the image as if they can feel what I felt.

Nguni Portrait #1 | NGUNI SERIES

How have nature and photography played a part in shaping the person you are today?

It’s shaped me massively. Firstly, being in the bush is where I am my happiest- surrounded by the beauty and sounds of nature, so captivating that everything outside of that reality ceases to exist. It’s as if I’m a child again seeing the magic in everything with curiosity and excitement. Travelling and exploring this magical world constantly drives me to capture a beautiful moment in time that will never be the same again. As I have always wanted to share the beauty of the world through the art of photography, it’s allowed me to always look for the beauty around me. In a sometimes harsh world, to really find beauty in everything is something that I’m eternally grateful for. I feel my work has a sense of purpose, especially during these times we are living in. I want to share with the world the beauty of Africa and the natural world through the art of photography. I hope that through my visual storytelling, people will find an appreciation for the natural world and collectively work towards preserving it. I am currently excitedly working on ways in which my work can give back to nature conservation around Africa in order to help play a part in looking after the extraordinary world we live in. I will keep you posted on this.


Can you take us through your creative journey and tell us what it is that you look for in an image?

I think that the beautiful thing about creativity is you have to allow it to flow naturally. A lot of photographers come up with a concept and then set up the shot perfectly, I on the other hand live life and go where it takes me. I capture what I feel inspired by. The concept grows from there once I have had an experience that I wish to grow and share. I shoot in a way that creates images that are simplistic, really focusing on the subject, allowing the shot to be as minimalist as possible while creating an essence and feeling. I really do shoot for myself and later just hope that people will enjoy what I share. I never think ‘oh this will sell’, that’s not why I do what I do. I hope that people will keep buying my prints as that is what allows me to keep doing what I love.

You seem to have a deep connection to nature and this has sparked your love for photography. How important do you believe it is for a landscape photographer to love the outdoors, not just the results?

It’s crucial. Images speak without words. It’s the passion you feel as a photographer that gets absorbed into the image, which creates a much bigger impact on the viewer.

How do you find the subjects to capture in your photographs?

I don’t, they find me! Or should I rather say I come across them naturally through just living my life and exploring the world.


How has your experience as a photographer informed your work?

Having skills in photography has allowed me to create and imprint what I see in my mind. But to be honest, with technology today there is so much to learn, I am constantly learning and growing.

What fuels you creatively? And how do you keep that creative eye going?

Life and the beauty of Mother Natures’ creations. I have been fortunate enough to channel my appreciation of life through the art of photography and in the process have fuelled my desire to capture the great natural beauty and the richness of the human spirit. I get lost in creating an artistic interpretation of what I see through my own eyes. As in everything in life, you have ebb & flow, nothing is constant. I’ve learnt over the years, in the moments when my creativity is flowing, I need to flow with it and focus all my energy and time on whatever is unfolding. In moments where it’s not, I allow that and focus on all the other stuff I need to catch up on and rather just allow it to naturally return.


What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

It’s a tough world out there with photography, everyone thinks they are a photographer. What will set you apart from the rest is your passion and really finding a sense of purpose in what you do. It’s the passion and purpose that will give you the drive to keep pursuing your dreams and overcoming all the hurdles. And remember to develop a distinct style of your own. You will make many mistakes along the way and you will constantly be learning and improving. Be open to criticism as it will help you grow along the way, but always stay true to yourself.

Which famous photographers have you found most inspiring?

Drew Doggett for his amazing storytelling, subject matter, style and the passion he holds for the natural world and what he does & Martin Osner for his remarkable photography skills and unique fine art techniques that continuously blow me away.

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