Chasing the Extraordinary

Blending art, travel and photography, Françoise’s work weaves together the extraordinary stories of the most unique people, places, cultures, nature and wildlife of Africa.


I'm Françoise V.

Hi, I'm Francoise V. I'm a Cape Town-based photographer, although I travel worldwide. My love for Africa fuels a passion for the wilderness, natural splendour, cultures and the beauty of Africa and wild places. Having grown up in the beautiful lands of Botswana, I was drawn to wildlife and nature. Being in the bush is where I am my happiest- surrounded by the beauty and sounds of nature, so captivating that everything outside of that reality ceases to exist. To travel and explore this magical world constantly drives me to capture a beautiful moment in time that will never be the same again. I have travelled extensively throughout Africa documenting my journey through wild places and creating artworks aswell as shooting content for lodges, interiors, brands and lifestyles. I opened my art gallery 10 years ago where my fine art prints took off and opened me up to the international market. My prints are now available online and for purchase worldwide.

From grass-roots


It all started when I was a young girl. I grew up in Botswana- appreciating nature and the simple beauty that surrounded me. My love for photography came at a young age, the first time I held a real camera. My American neighbours had a beautiful, yet old broken camera, that I just had to play with. When they left Botswana they gave it to me as a gift- little did they know, that was my first spark of love for photography. The camera didn’t work, but looking through the frame was the seed to my determined what I looked at and what I saw when I did. While growing up I started taking pictures and documenting my life, the people I loved and nature. I left Africa to travel and see the world. Through documenting my travels and the unique people I met along the way, I soon discovered that photography was my TRUE PASSION. Eagerly, I taught myself as much of the craft as I could along the way. After travelling for 5 years, I returned to Africa where I studied photography and learnt the craft that would help me to express my vision. I started working as a full-time freelance photographer while building my fine art portfolio and feeding my love for art. I surrounded myself with inspiration and eagerly learnt new techniques to apply to my vision. I have been fortunate enough to channel my appreciation of life through the art of photography and in the process have fuelled my desire to capture great beauty and the richness of the human spirit. I get lost in creating an artistic interpretation of what I see through my own eyes.



I want to share with the world the beauty of Africa and the natural world through the art of photography. I hope that through my visual storytelling, people will find an appreciation for the natural world and collectively work towards preserving it.

Commercial Work

Creating Powerful Imagery

Françoise V also creates photographic content for Lodges, Guest Houses, Travel Publications, Brands & Products.












Why book a shoot with Françoise V?

Francoise V is an accomplished photographer with an incredible eye for detail. Having worked as a lodge, interior, brand & lifestyle photographer, she is able to capture almost anything. Being a fine artist she is a perfectionist when it comes to quality & detail. Being a woman of many creative talents and having a background as an interior stylist, she is able to offer more uniqueness to her shoots, giving her photography that extra touch. She is a natural explorer and adventurous, always ready to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences. Having grown up in Botswana and travelled throughout Africa, she has years of travel experience and knowledge of Africa. Francoise has an exceptional way with individuals as well as is accommodating and easy-going.

As a part-time model, she knows how it feels to be on the opposite side of the lens, therefore is able to guide models, helping them to feel relaxed and at ease while creating more natural-looking shots. She has the ability to offer clients very high-quality images that include interiors, exteriors, detail shots, products, activities, lifestyle and wildlife shots.

With a passion for travel, nature, photography and a lover of life and exploration, she is able to capture real moments in a documentary style. As a model, and often travelling with family or friends as models, she is able to really capture the experiences and essence of a place. Her main mission in life is to get people to see the world and promote Africa! Francoise is also highly skilled in design and can design pdf documents, tour operator presentations, websites, brochures and assist with newsletters. She understands media and their requirements and can also help with documenting your experience and telling your story in an effective and often emotive way.

I love creating, collaborating and it would be great to chat! No matter what your need, let's chat and start the process to capture some fresh new content for you.

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